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Extended play 26.4.2024

1.  She & the Dark Winter

2. Atlas of Hearts (Alternative Version) feat. Mikael Salo

3. Arctica (Alternative Version) feat. Mikael Salo

4. She & the Dark Winter (Alternative Version) feat. Mikael Salo

The Helsinki-based melodic metal band Averlanche, founded in 2017, has released a sequel to their second album “Arctic Atlas,” published in 2023. “The Dark Side Of Atlas” EP contains the previously released single “She & the Dark Winter” and three remixed songs from the Arctic Atlas album. Mikael Salo, who is known for the bands Metal De Facto, Dyecrest and Everfrost, is featured as a guest singer on the EP.


Full Lenght album 12.5.2023

1. -273.16 °C 

2. In the Theater of Fire

3. Killing Floor

4. Heartache Parade

5. Island Across

6. Polaris

7. She & the Dark Winter

8. Little Lotus

9. Black Butterflies' Night

10. Arctica

11. Atlas of Hearts


Full Lenght album 6.11.2020

1. Imagined Nothing

2. The Diamond Hills 

3. The Sounds of Insomnia

4. Circus

5. Hate

6. Flowers 

7. The Machinery of Life

8. Rain Factory (bonus track)

9. Archives of Love

10. Ghost

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